Nambucca Macnuts Growers are a bunch of nutters. Totally nuts for macadamia that is. But who could blame them for wanting to produce a distinguished food supply in the lap of paradise of the Nambucca Valley.

The Nambucca is a small macadamia growing region on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Because we are sub-tropical and somewhat isolated we can provide a unique regional product. Since we do not have the cumulative pest problems of the larger growing regions of the Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland – Nambucca Macadamia Growers use less pesticides.

The Nambucca region has a world wide advantage of being an Australian specialist in serving the certified organic macadamia sector.

The farms supplying MacNuts range from Taree to Coffs Harbour. With farming enterprises ranging from 200 trees up to big players with 15,000 (now that’s nuts).

Our growers are dedicated to cultivating their macadamia orchard for a quality product.

Peter & Denise Ranking

NAMGA – Nambucca Macadamia Growers Association

If you are a macadamia grower and interested to find out more information please contact Macnuts for contract prices and arrangements. We will also put you in contact with the local Nambucca Macadamia Group Association (NAMGA) who are active with field days, information sessions, social and support networks.

NAMGA mid-harvest lunch