Macadamia MulitScan Machine

Multiscan Sorting

I have heard growers saying they still like to do a detailed sort of their nut-in-shell before it is sent to the factory. These growers are worried that the Multiscan may miss too many bad nuts, which will reduce their crackout results. The multiscan system has been tested and proved positive in removing bad nut.

Denise and I only do a rough sort before dispatch and our average net kernel recovery, over seven consignments this year, is 41.40%. Our last consignment even qualified for the new Stahmann Farms “Coterie 45” level of excellence status for growers who receive a 45% SKR or higher and we were paid $8.51 per kilogram.

The Multiscan system and master technician, Glenn, are working exceptionally well this year.

If you are trying to be a “Zero Hero” you are probably throwing out far too much premium or commercial nut that you would otherwise be paid for. Multiscan saves you sorting time on the farm, reduces the quantity of good nuts being thrown away (which normally more than pays for the cost of using it) and even the rejected nut is sold for cattle feed.

To all growers, we are only a phone call away if you want to talk further about the multiscanner.

By Peter Ranking [Macnuts Chairman]