Macadamias are a healthy snack choice, but a lot of people are concerned about consuming macadamias. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about macadamia.

Will macadamias make us fat?    

‘Good’ fats are essential in a ideal diet. They make food tasty and promote satiety. Mono-unsaturates may be metabolised differently in the intestine from other fats so that they do not produce ‘fattening’ biochemicals. Providing macadamias are substituted and not in addition to other foods, there is evidence that they will either not contribute to weight gain or will reduce weight. USA studies of frequent tree nut eaters show that they usually weigh less than people who don’t eat tree nuts regularly.

Will macadamias make us live forever?  

No… but you will have the enjoyment of the flavour and texture of the world’s finest nut

Can we eat too many macadamias?    

An abridged version of “A review of health benefits of the world’s finest nut” by Ian McConachie, September 1999.

Macadamias can form an important part of the ideal diet diet. The benefits of macadamias can not be traced to any single constituent, but to the complex composition and inter-relationships that exist. For an ideal diet they need to be eaten in conjunction with a range of foods.

Benefits are about reduction of risks. Research knowledge from other tree nuts is often applicable to macadamias, and most other tree nuts also have proven benefits. Tree nuts are an ancient food and the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid recommends them to be eaten daily.