Our dedicated community of organic and premium macadamia nut growers focuses on small-batch cultivation, paying meticulous attention to each tree. This produces nuts with exceptional flavour and quality.

Our co-operative is the largest processor of organic macadamia nuts in Australia. 

Nambucca Valley has a boutique geography which provides a unique, isolated climate and ecosystem without the burden of the multiple ecologies of the larger nut growing areas further north.  This means that Nambucca Macnuts growers are able to operate better with biological controls for pest and disease management on macadamias; less chemicals for a better environment and to promote the total health properties of macadamia.

Our staff are expert in macadamias and food handling. Together, with our growers, we run a clean, efficient and technologically advanced processing plant. We harvest both organic and non-organic macadamia nuts from the region.

The Nambucca Macnuts facility is accredited with full HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) and related systems. Regular laboratory checks are conducted by our compliance body the Australian Macadamia Society to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Macadamia orchard line of trees